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Elcando GmbH specializes in small and medium-sized companies from all over the world. We advise on the selection of countries and markets for your purchase, sale and location and support you with the daily questions of international trade and trade with the EU.


With Elcando you make the perfect breakthrough in Europe and all around the world.


Three steps to the perfect country in Europe or elsewhere in the world for your import, export or business location

  1. Select region or countries

  2. Eliminate risks and costs
    All countries with unfavorable cost-risk profiles will be identified and excluded by calculating an individual trade risk score.

  3. Optimize opportunities (optional)
Elcando GmbH will quickly find the perfect country for your international business.


Save up to 69% trade costs by choosing the right trading partner country!*

Order your analysis now from $ 4,499.


*Example for the German beverage industry from an analysis of 29 countries.

Minimize the costs and risks of your international trade by calculating a specific trade risk score for each country of interest


Elcando's goal is to make

high-performance economics instruments

usable for business management,

while remaining meaningful and always understandable.

 Start internationally.

Minimize your risk and costs with Elcando!


International Market Analyses

Trading Partner Country

Identify the country with the best cost-risk profile for your import and export Business and find the best trading partner country.

International Market & Country Analysis

Find the perfect country for your international production or sales location with our site analysis based on economic trade data.

Forecasts & Analyses

Forecasts and analyses on trading costs and trading risks. 


Trade Risk Index between Germany and the USA for the manufacturing sector
Trade Risk Index between Germany and the USA for the manufacturing sector (2010 Q1 = 100%) (21.03.2019). The calculation of the Trade Risk Index is based on data from Destatis, Eurostat/EZB, U. S. Census Bureau and BEA.

Estimating Trade Costs

Assess the risk and costs of your international activities and let the Elcando GmbH estimate your individual trade costs.