Trade with Germany and Europe

Frankfurt/Main Skyline
Skyline of Frankfurt/Main in Germany

Trading with the European Union and Germany in particular is to some extent not very easy. There are many trade barriers. This is especially true if you are from a third country and there is no trade agreement between your country and the EU. You have to fill out loads of forms and need a lot of export accompanying documents. This is a highly time-consuming process and the requirements in this regard are high.



For Germany it applies that everybody wants to trade with Germany and nobody is waiting for you and your products. There will be a always someone, who is better, bigger or has a huge marketing budget and a superior network of contacts. Entering the German market is a lengthy and costly business venture.


Skyline of Rotterdam in the Netherlands
Skyline of Rotterdam in the Netherlands

From a risk perspective, it is sometimes advisable to start in another EU country with a more favorable risk profile. From there you can spread your trading activities to Germany and the rest of the EU. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the laws, specifications and rules of EU trade in a smaller and less competitive market first. Which EU country is best suited for your market entry depends on your country, your industry and your product. Please contact us and we will find the best country in the EU to start your business venture successfully.

Tips for your successful Trade with Germany

Follow the five tips below to avoid the most common difficulties in trading with Germany.
  1. Never be late
  2. Get familiar with the trade regulations and the bureaucracy
  3. Have perseverance
  4. Don't make yourself dependent on a single buyer
  5. Estimate the quantities and the time required realistically