The Trade Risk Index

The Trade Risk Index forms the basis of the analyses. An algorithm adapted from the physics evaluates economic data on foreign trade and calculates a trade risk score for each combination of two countries. The larger the score, the higher the costs and risks of trading between these two countries. With this score, it is easy to make complex strategic decisions because you can compare each country pairing and make a clear statement.

Trading Partner Country

  • You are looking for the ideal country for your imports and exports or services?
  • You want to minimize the risk and cost of your foreign trade?
  • You have no time for pages and pages of analysis?

Site Selection

  • You are looking for the optimal country for your location in a region?
  • You want to build another site to open up new countries and markets?
  • You do not have time for lengthy meetings?

Estimating Trade Costs

  • Are you looking for a tool for long-term cost estimation?
  • You want to know what the costs are roughly to come to you when trading??
  • You do not have time for elaborate calculations?

Forecasts & Analyses

  • You are looking for a competent partner to create analyzes and forecasts for your company?
  • You want a clear, understandable and valid decision-making basis?
  • You do not have time for extensive research?